Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coopers 1st Birthday

Yesterday was Coopers first birthday!!!! I cant belive that my baby is a year old!!!!!!! We had a birthday party with Dustins family or I guess I should say we attempted, no one showed up except Jentz, Bobette and baby Jenna. I cant even expalin how mad I was!!! It made me so mad to think that we have always been there for everyone at the drop of a hat but no one can make an effort to drive 15 miles for Coopers Birthday. Im just glad that he wasnt old enough to know the diffrence. It is days like this that makes me want to move far away from my inlaws!!!!!!!!!!!!!All bad things aside I guess it was a good day!! He sure loved his cake and the paper from his presents!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its about time

Well I finally did it we got a blog. I probobly wont update to much or even do much with it at all. Hopefully this will give me something to do while kayden is in preschool, since i dont want to drive all the way home just to turn around and come back.!!!!!!