Friday, June 26, 2009

What a June

We Love you both very much, You will be missed!
Debra Estep Maxfield
August 12, 1958-June 11,2009

Grandma Lou January 19, 1940- June 6, 2009

We have had an absolute awful June! It started on the 1st when our court date for Maddie was canceled. Then that week we caught her doing some bad things and we confronted her about them and she didn't like it so I took her back to her moms house, which in the end turned out for the best because then we had no idea what we were about to face! Saturday the 6Th Dustins Grandma lou passed away. It was very sad yet at the same time there was such a spirit there. It was for the best cause she had been sick and hurting for a long time. We are just very sad that she is not here with us anymore to have our, sometimes very embarrassing conversations. She could always make me feel better about myself when ever I was around her. While all this with grandma lou was going on my Aunt Debbie was fighting for her life. She was in liver failure and they are not sure why. On Thursday my Grandma had called me and told me that they had finally got her on the transplant list and all we could do is wait and pray, Later that day my dad called to say she was bleeding internally and they had just wheeled her into surgery. We had just gotten into dingle on our way to Grandma Lou's viewing when i called my dad to see how aunt Deb was. He had just found out that she hadn't made it.I never in all my live felt so torn between my two families. After Grandma lous funeral I left to go and be with my family. This last Friday I came home to see Kayla's cute little baby and went to state to watch Chelsea. That night or early morning I got a call from Lori that Krista was in the hospital they thought she was in labor. Sunday morning I ran into the hospital to bring keys to lori. They had decided to life flight Krista her contractions were coming strong and fast. When she got to pokey they took her in for an emergency C- section. Her baby boy was 4 lbs 15 oz and was 8 weeks premature. He is doing okay and will be there for a while. We have lost and gained alot this month and are so very grateful for our faith that we will see our loved ones again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What we have been up to.....

We have had a crazy couple of months!!! For those of you who don't know my little sis Maddie has been living with us since Jan we have recently found out that it is going (hopefully) to be more permanent for her. We are going to court to make is so she can stay, she is doing really good in school and made lakettes for next year, which will be good for her. The end of march I bought a new car a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo! I LOVE IT! I bought it on a Friday and the following Monday me, Chelsea, Kayla and my boys were going to go to St.George for spring break and take Chelsea to do baptisms for the dead in the Las Vegas temple. We only made it to the middle of the canyon and we wrecked my new car, 5,000 dollars worth of damage later and it is like i have a new car AGAIN, We are so very lucky that none of us we hurt. I know that the lord was with us. Thanks to Dustin's mom we got a new puppy!! The boys just love her, most days, Kayden likes to tie her up and cooper likes to pull her by her tail. I wish I had pics but still haven't got a new camera since one of the boys broke my other one. (THEY ARE VERY HARD ON THINGS) Recently we have been going to Chelsea's High school rodeos and wow they are tiring trying to film her and make sure my kids don't end up in some kind of wreck, getting home about 1 am or so and turning around and being back to the rodeo again at 10am cant wait Intel they are done, but wouldnt change it for anything we love being able to go and support her!! I want to tell everyone that has been there for us how much we appreciate, and love them we are so very grateful to have such wonderful family and friends ( you know who you are)! Thanks Again , hopefully soon I will get a new camera and get some pics on here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know that I haven't updated in a long time!!! I don't know how ppl find time to update these dumb blogs all the time!!! I wish i had the desire to do it but i just don't! I am going to try to update more frequently. Kayden does so many funny things that I better start writing them down somewhere!! I am so stupid when it comes to computers so i really don't know how to make my blog all fancy, maybe ill figure it out sometime! I hope all is well with everyone! I swear the next time something funny or out of the ordinary happens to us I will update.