Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strength of others

So I have a new "obsession" im not sure how it all got started but I have been reading the blogs of 4 different families. These people are simply AMAZING!!!! I dont know that if I was faced with their trials that I could have the faith,courage or strength that these families have. I check these blogs close to everyday for the fact that their stories have made me want to try harder to be a better mother,wife,daughter,friend.........and on and on. Reading about their challenges have made me get over those days that it is all about me, as I check their blog, the why me's, I dont have's, I want's and I need's fade away so fast and I am so very grateful for what I DO have. My testimony of the plan of salvation, the power of prayer and the power of a priesthood blessing has grown so much because of these truly remarkable people and their unfortunate trials that they have had and are still going threw. I came upon a new blog today and as I reading I decided that I was going to share their stories not only because I wanted to share their stories but they also could all use a prayer. Here are their links. If you decided to read them be prepared to shed a few tears. PS these families are all from Utah or Idaho. You may have heard their stories before

This couple lost their 18 month old daughter. She fell in a canal in rigby last June/Julyish. This blog is one that you want to go to the post starting when she was in the hospital.

This little boy was 2 I believe and had a fence fall on him. This one is one that to get the whole story find the post that tells about the accident, it happened around thanksgiving.

Dylan is a little boy who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

This blog I found on Patrick and Ashley's blog. This guys wife and daughter died on Monday. So very heart breaking.

I hope that these blogs are as insprational to you as they are to me!!