Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another update!

I really know how awful I am at this whole bloggin thing! I so need to get better at it!!! So here is a little of what each kid has been up to...

Prentend like you dont see Dustin in his g's and PLEASE dont tell him its on here!!

Kayden is just the best big brother and helper anyone could ask for!! He just signed up fpr Tee-ball and is so super excited about it that is all he talks about and let me tell you this child can talk and talk and talk and even you tell him thats enough he has to finish his thought!! He is gettin excited for it to FINALLY be warm enough so he can go do "Cowboy things" with Dustin

Kayden ridin his horse Tucker

We took them to the Extreme bulls and kayden loved it but was more interested in getting a shirt to show off at school. He thinks he is neat stuff
He missed school that day and the next day was show and tell, he of course wore his shirt but he wanted to take his belt buckle. I let him but as we were waiting for the bus I asked him what he is gonna tell his class about it. He said im gonna tell them that my dad bought for me because i had rode a sheep. The look on his face had LIE written all of it!! Kayden is a HUGE story teller...NEVER belive half of what he says!! I told him that would be good but he needed to make sure and not tell a story. When he got home I was asking him about school...what he did well the look of guilt over came him!! I asked what he said about the belt buckle " Im sorry mom!" What did you say kayden " I told them I won it at the bullriding last night." Jeepers what do you do? He just loves tellin storys!!

His note from his teacher it says" Kayden has become a talker or just sits and watches the other kids"


He will walk up to people in walmart and do this!!

Oh the coops!! What do I say about Coops? I know one thing this child makes me say lots of 4 letter words!! He hasnt been doing to much other that causing me major major grief!!! About a week after Valintines day dustin was looking in coopers ears(Dustins obsession ,dirty ears) and he said he saw something red stuck in his ear I went and look and sure enough the little fart had something in his ear! When we asked him if he had put something in his ear he didnt answer us which for cooper is a tale tale sign he is hiding something!! We tryed diggin it out and couldnt really get to it as we were trying I figured out it was a nerd..we had givin them nerds for v-day! Thanks to the advise of my wonderful Dad we got it out with out a hospital trip! However Cooper did NOT like it it took two of us to hold him down!! I bet he wont be putting stuff in his ears again!!

He liked the bullriding but he wouldnt sit still for very long! We felt guilty for getting Kayden a shirt and not Cooper but then didnt have a shirt to fit him so we got him a hat and just as we were getting readyt o leave the guy working at the prca trailor gave him a new cowboy hat!! If you know cooper and his cowboy hats you will know how thrilled he was!! I dont know if cooper is as excited about warmer weather as Kayden is but I am for him to get out of the house!!

Coops and Bodrie at the Bullriding

He was tucker after the long night!


Our little sis N bug it gettin so big!! She is 7 1/2 months!! As of Thursday she was 19.8 lbs! She has everyone in this house wrapped around her finger!!! She has 2 teeth!! She wants to crawl but dosent have it down yet all she can do is get her little butt up in the air!! She dosent want much to do with baby food but she will eat normal food but mostly crackers and gerber puffs. For the most part she is a happy baby but has one heck of a temper!! I am just lovin havin a girl but having a hard time not buying everything I see that is cute!! Im really having issues with flowers and bows it is my latest obsession. If I have an outfit and no flower or bow to go with it I wont put her in it till I find one!!

She loves goin for walks!

She goes nuts when she sees the horses but want 100% thrilled about being on one