Sunday, July 10, 2011


I do realize that we have been home for a week and I have yet to blog about our fab trip, but im just starting to feel that I will survive!! LOL!! We went to spend a week in Cali with my wonderful Grandparents and the whole gang! We had a blast and AMAZINGLY we all survived..yes even Dustin and he had no matter what he tells ya!!
We flew in on Sunday June 26th. For me this was the funniest day to watch dustin have a come apart before a during the flight!!

Waitin to board the plane

Dustin makin sure he knows what to do if we crash

We let the boys swim and just relaxed

This is what a 3 hour nap looks like The sexiest Grandma EVER!!!

We went to Sea World with the whole Fam. I think this was one of dustins favorite days!

Coops was tuckerd right out


DISNEYLAND!!!! It was really fun to watch the boys but the amount of people was unreal!!!

Sorry Sara!!! How could I have such a Fab pic and not share!!

Safari Park- it was really cool to see once but definitley wont do it again. Cooper kept sayin over and over "This is a great day"


LEGOLAND!!!! The boys LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! It was perfect for thier age!!

San Diego Zoo.....You didnt think I was gonna be that good and remember my camera everyday did you!!! I did take pics on my phone just havent sent them to my email yet!! I post about the zoo and coming home on another post!

All in all we had a GREAT trip!!! We are so very thankful to my grandparents for making it all happen!! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have my dad there!!