Friday, January 14, 2011

Im not a blogger!!

I have came to it that I am not a blogger!!! I dont know why, I would like to be!! I just dont know how you people do it and are so diligent about it!! So here it is an quick little update. I will post pics soon...well maybe soon :) Kayden has just been goin to school he is reading like a champ. I never realized how hard it is to read with a kid that is just learning TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING!!! He got a wii fro Christmas and has been wanting to play it non stop so we cam up with a deal. I will play with him intel we pass a level and then it is up and cleaning 1 room before we can play again. It works GREAT!!! Cooper has just been up to his naughty little self. There is just no discipline that works for that kid!!! We have been tellin him that we are gonna call super nanny and he is terrified of her!! Im starting to think that is what we might have to do!!! Maycee is 4 months old 15.9 lbs 25 " and doing good!!! She is starting to be fun ! WOW she is one spoiled girl.. and I LOVE IT!!! I will try to post pics as soon as I can!!