Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight as we were getting everyone all ready to go ut and eat I noticed Copper as usual gackin off not getting his boots found and on. I finally said to the little fart "Where the hell are your boots?" He replys quietly as he walked off " I dont know where the hell my boots are." While he walked around the corner we laughed but the little stink STILL did not get his boots on so I asked him again "COOPER WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUR BOOTS?" He calmly replies "Where the hell are your boots mom?" BAHHHHAAA!!! This child is a hethen!! I swear he looks for things to do to drive me nuts...most definatley our problem child!!! We had someone the other day say to us you can just seein his eyes he is plannin somethin!!


Kip & Alisha said...

Oh my gosh Char! This little kid of yours... he sure makes me laugh! I just read it to Kip and we were both laughing hard! HAHA! Keep these stories coming - they're quite entertaining! :)

Nate and Amanda Bunn said...

Okay I have to Laugh because that is exactly how my oldest is.. LOL