Monday, November 8, 2010

ER trip!! sorry about the novel!!

Alrighty be prepared to laugh at something that should be sad!! Also if you are one of thoes mothers that are critical of others go away and dont read cuz ACCIDENTS happen and if they didnt kids would never get experiances or scars they can talk about!!

I was sittin on the couch gettin ready to feed Maycee and Cooper came in the back door and said somethin about kaydens pocket knife (yes kayden got a pocket knife for his 5th bday he has been so good to only use it when he goes workin with his dad and we usaully put it up) I really didnt listen to him and the next thing I know I see kayden out on the front lawn just dancin around and blood drippin from his head so a few cuss word were said out of my mouth as I ran outside!! He was SCREAMING CALL 911!! Call 911!!! I told him we dont need to call 911 kayden you are just fine lets go in (tryin to stay calm as blood was just rollin down his head). I got him in the house as blood is drippin all over the floor and wiped his face off and grabed a rag to put pressure on it! While this was goin on he said MOM IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE I JUST KNOW IT. I CANT GO TO SCHOOL CAUSE ALL THE KIDS WILL BE AFRAID OF ME!

Not the best of pics but there was ALOT of blood I wish I would have got a pic of the woond before !!
I said tryin not to laugh kayden ur not gonna die it is just fine and you probly wont go to school today. I of course didnt have a bra on , no make up on, hair not done, cooper didnt have pants on (like always) so I told him still trying not to laugh that I had to put a bra on and get the kids in the car so we can go to the dr! He screams and says AHH I GOTTA GO TO THE DR. yes kayden you do. AHH CALL DAD TELL HIM TO STOP WORKIN! as we were all gettin in the car he is yelling at me I SHOUDLNT HAVE POCKET KNIVES MOM! I called the hospital and let them know we were coming and he freaked again AM I GONNA HAVE TO STAY AT THE HOSPITAL FOR MONTHS.. no kayden we wont be there for long. Once we got to the ER he was REALLY nervous!! He walked in and started bawling. The nurse looked at it and said he probly wont need stitched but she would have the dr come look. AHHHH DO STICHES HURT MOM kayden they might hurt a little but not bad but u might not need them. I DONT WANT STICHES I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO HURT ME. Another nurse came in to look and tell us the dr just went into surgery. BWAHHH I DONT WANT SURGERY CUS THEY ARE GONNA HAVE TO CUT ME OPEN! kayden you dont have have to ahve surgery ..the dr is doin durery on someone else. ARE YOU SURE? the nurse went in the or to ask the dr if we could just steri strip it. They said it went threw all the layers of skin but if we were good with steri strips then it was ok with the dr that didnt even look at him (gotta love bear lake..wonderful nurses and sucky Drs). If we decided to do stiches we would have had to sedate him so we went with the strips!! Kayden saw one of them gettin out some scissors to cut the strips and he flipped again!! He was done and out of there in less than 20 min!! When we got in the car he told me calm as could be that didnt hurt one bit mom..well it did but I didnt feel it!! 2 hours later they little fart was at school only cause he flipped when i told him I wanted him to stay home!!


Kip & Alisha said...

I think it's hilarious :) You're a great mother! I think being able to laugh at these moments is what keeps us sane!

The Garbanati Family said...

Oh my gosh Char! I was laughing so hard that I was crying! Your boys crack me up. No one thinks your a bad mom, anyone that has kids can totally relate. :)